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    U.S.A.: MACARTHUR SPELLBINDS CONGRESS. Washington:-In highly dramatic speech dismissed General seeks vindication of his policy. New York:- Greatest ever reception in City's history is accorded MacArthur, 7, million line procession route. Washington D.C., U.S.A. G.V. MacArthur arriving at Capitol. T.V. Int. MacArthur walking to dais. T.V. Senators applaud. S.V. MacArthur in front of mike amid applause. T.V. Senators applaud and sit down. C.U. MacArthur speaks. (Nat. Sd.) T.V. Senators applaud. S.V. MacArthur speaks. (Nat. Sd.) T.V. The House applauds.

    SOUND EFFECTS. C.U. MacArthur speaks. "I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me...(applause)...and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated it's complete abolition as it's very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes."

    S.V. MacArthur speaks. "Like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away - an old soldier who tried to dom his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Goodbye!"

    GOOD SCENES. 2nd ROLL. S.T.V. Int. Congress applauding. B.V. MacArthur on dais. S.C.U. MacArthur speaks. (Nat. Sd.) S.V. MacArthur speaks. (Nat. Sd.) Two Views of Senators applauding. S.C.U. MacArthur speaks. (Nat. Sd.) S.V. MacArthur speaks. (Nat. Sd.)

    SOUND EFFECTS. S.C.U. MacArthur speaks. "For entertaining these views, all profoundly designed to support our forces committed to Korea and bring hostilities to an end with the least possible delay and with the saving of countless American and Allied lives, I have been severely criticised in lay circles, principally abroad, despite my understanding that from a military standpoint the above views have been fully shared in the past by practically every military leader concerned with the Korea campaign, including our own Joint Chiefs of Staff."

    S.V. MacArthur speaks. "I called for reinforcements, but was informed that reinforcements were not available. I have constantly called for the new political decisions essential to a solution. Efforts have been made to destroy my position. It has been said, in fact, that I was a warmonger. Nothing could be further from the truth."

    S.C.U. MacArthur speaks. "While Asia is commonly referred to as the gateway to Europe, it is no less true that Europe is the gateway to Asia, and the broad influence of the one cannot fail to have its impact upon the other."

    S.V. MacArthur speaks. "The Communist threat is a global one, Its successful advance in one sector threatens the destruction of every other sector. You cannot appease or otherwise surrender to Communism in Asia without simultaneously undermining our efforts to halt its advance in Europe. (applause) world idealogies play little part in Asian thinking and we little understand what the people strive for is the opportunity for a little more food in their stomachs, a little better clothing on their backs, a little firmer roof over their heads and the realisation of a normal nationalist urge for political freedom."

    U.S.A.: MacARTHUR SPELLBINDS CONGRESS. Washington:- In highly dramatic speech dismissed General seeks vindication of his policy. New York:- Greatest ever reception in City's history is accorded MacArthur, 7-million line procession route. New York, U.S.A. Aerial View Flying over New York showing start of parade. T.V. Pan Down Lower Broadway, showing tickertape falling on MacArthur. S.T.V. Ditto. F.V. Ditto. C.U. MacArthur waving to crowd. C.U. Pan types in crowd waving back. S.C.U. Mrs. MacArthur and son Arthur. T.V. Parade. C.U. MacArthur waving. Angle Shot Airship flying over skyscraper. Air View Parade approaching City Hall. Air Views Mass Crowds in front of City Hall. Air Shot Procession arriving at City Hall. S.C.U. The Mayor of New York, Mr. Impelletteri presenting MacArthur with medal. C.U. Mrs. MacArthur applauding, son beside her. S.V. MacArthur waving to crowd from City Hall. G.V. Masses of paper falling. Angle Shot Paper getting thicker still. G.V. Parade towards. C.U. Masses of paper falling round MacArthur's car. G. Air View New York City Dissolve to C.U. of MacArthur.

    GOOD SCENES. S.V. MacArthur and Mayor Impelletteri on stand. G.V. Ditto. T.V. Mass Crowd. S.V. Mayor Impelletteri. S.V. MacArthur. T.V. Parade with paper falling. S.V. Cardinal Spellman and other priests in robes on steps of St. Patricks Church. Travel Shot MacArthur in car waving. S.V. Crowd. S.C.U. MacArthur alights from car and greets Cardinal Spellman, then turns away. G.V. Int. MacArthur under semi-circle of U.S. flags. S.V. MacArthur in front of microphone. C.U.MacArthur speaks. (Nat.Sd.) S.V. MacArthur speaks. (Nat.Sd.) S.T.V. Parade through street, with paper falling. T.V. Parade Tilt Up Shot Paper falling. S.C.U. MacArthur in car waving. S.T.V. Parade. S.V. MacArthurs car stops. Tilt Up Shot Paper falling. S.C.U.

    Crowd with banner. S.C.U. Travel Shot MacArthur in car waving. Angle View Top of skyscraper with paper falling Pan down to MacArthur in car waving. Travel Shot Crowd held back by police Pan down to little girl peering between their legs. T.V. Parade. S.T.V. Ditto. S.v. Crowd. S.C.U. Army officer salutes. S.C.U. Old woman blows a kiss.

    SOUND EFFECTS. C.U. MacArthur speaks. "You have etched on our hearts a memory we shall never forget. But you have done more than that. You have done what an enemy in the last 10 years in savage campaign in the Pacific has been unable to do. You have forced us to capitulate." (applause)

    S.V. MacArthur speaks. "At long last we've been surrendered."

    United States of America; Personalities - Armed Forces; Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)



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