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    At the invitation of the President of the United Mexican States, Luis Echeverria Alvarez, His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Aryamehr and Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi Shahbanou of Iran paid a State visit to mexico, from the 9th to the 14th of May 1975.

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    SHAH giving the CHICHEN-ITLY ??? of Sh. ??? or CANCON ???.

    Press ??? SHAH and Press ???.



    What role do you think the ??? state should play in achieving peace in the middle East-and do you feel that peace can be stable in that area?


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    Background: At the invitation of the President of the United Mexican States, Luis Echeverria Alvarez, His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Aryamehr and Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi Shahbanou of Iran paid a State visit to mexico, from the 9th to the 14th of May 1975.

    During the curse of the visit, their Imperial Majesties had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with different aspects of Mexican life and to visit sites of historical, cultural, and industrial interest.

    Their Imperial Majesties and members of their party were accorded a warm welcome by the Government and people of Mexico. His Imperial Majesty received from the Mayor of the Capital the keys to the City of Mexico and was declared Guest of Honour.

    Discussion between the two Heads of State were characterized by a spirit of frank and sincere understanding and they emphasized the cordial and friendly bonds uniting Iran and Mexico. They exchanged views on different questions of mutual interest. These conversations will substantially further existing cultural, political, and economic relations between the two countries. High officials of the Iranian and mexican Government also participated during these talks.

    His Imperial Majesty noted with satisfaction the gains obtained by the Mexican Peoples's Revolution and - praised the progress, with social justice, that the country has registered so far. His Majesty was able to observe, as well, that the goals yet to be obtained are being fulfilled through the implementation of necessary programs.

    The President of Mexico praised the outstanding manner in which Iran has responded to His Imperial Majesty's comprehensive, social economic, and political reform under the Revolution of the Shah and the People.

    The two Heads of State reviewed the world situation and considered international problem currently affecting their two countries and were pleased to note the many similarities existing between the foreign policies of both countries.

    Both Heads of State reaffirmed the spirit of co-operation existing between their countries and their determination to search for formulas that will permit the solution of the great problems of world peace and security as well as those involved in development and cooperation among all State. In this context, they reiterated the vocation for peace held by Iran and Mexico and their adherence to the rule of International Law and to the principles of non-intervention and the self-determination of peoples.

    The two Heads of State considered that the strengthening of the United Nations should be a prime objective in the efforts to establish world peace and security and that appropriate basis of cooperation should be found, for improving the living standards of all mankind.

    His Imperial Majesty and the President deemed it imperative that all Member States of the Organization make every effort to ensure the complete fulfilment of the United Nations charter objectives and goals.

    The two Heads of State reaffirmed the principles adopted by the International Conference on Human Rights, held in Teheran in December 1968 and the results of which constitute a positive and important contribution to the progress of mankind.

    Both Heads of State expressed their deep satisfaction at the Resolution adopted by the United Nations, as proposed by Iran in 1972, declaring the year 1975 as the International Women's year and also expressed the hope that the Conference which will be convened in Mexico in June of this year will attain its noble objectives, taking into consideration the fact that the problems of women are closely interlinked with those of development and the need to establish a new economic order.

    The Heads of State, while reviewing the relationship between the Third World countries and the industrialized world felt the need for the former states to make an active effort to unify their criteria regarding the common problems they face. In this sense, they agreed on the need for Third World countries to make a common presentation of problems that arise in their relations with industrialized countries, and to give firm support to measures designed to facilitate the appropriate solution of such problems.

    The two Heads of State reiterated the sovereign right of States to make full use of the natural resources situated within their territory in accordance with the will of their peoples and with each nation's needs and aspirations to social and economic betterment.

    His Imperial Majesty and the President evaluated the great importance of negotiations between developing countries and industrialized nations and the initiatives taken by different groups of raw materials exporting nations to ensure just prices for these products, maintaining the real value of their national income, and expressed their conviction that the culmination of such initiatives will make it possible to balance the benefits derived from international trade.

    In this context, they expressed their hope that the dialogue initiated at Paris at the preparatory meeting of the World Conference proposed by France should be resumed in order to find formulas that will contribute to a better understanding between developing and industrialized countries.

    The two Heads of State considered that the reorganization of the world economics and monetary system is one of the greatest challenges that must be faced by the nations of the earth, and they emphasized the urgent need to take concrete steps towards the implementation of such reorganization.

    The two Heads of State took note with special satisfaction of the concrete measures that some Third World countries have taken in order to render assistance to other developing nations. Furthermore, they expressed the view that the industrialized nations should establish appropriate mechanisms with the assistance of the OPEC member countries, for undertaking investments and extending cooperation to less advanced nations.

    The two Heads of State expressed their satisfaction concerning the adoption at the last session of the United Nations General Assembly of the Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States, Its full observance and enforcement will provide the foundation for the construction of a new world economic order that will take into consideration the needs and aspirations of all countries on a just and equitable basis.

    In referring to the problems of world peace and security, the two Heads of State emphasized the adherence of their Governments to the principles of coexistence among all nations, the peaceful solution of disputes, and mutual understanding. In this respect, they agreed on the need to intensify the efforts being made to achieve general and complete disarmament.

    His Imperial Majesty expressed to President Echeverria his particular satisfaction at Mexico's efforts in favour of disarmament, and emphasized the importance to mankind of the establishment of a zone free of nuclear arms in Latin America on the basis of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America signed at Tlatelolco in 1967. President Echeverria congratulated His Imperial Majesty for his initiative in proposing the establishment in the Middle-East of a nuclear arms free zone and reiterated Mexico's firm support for this enterprise undertaken on behalf of peace and security. The two Heads of State reaffirmed their support so that the Indian Ocean will soon become a zone of peace.

    His Imperial Majesty explained the vital importance of maintaining the security of the maritime trade routes in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean areas through cooperation among the literal States. The President appreciated and agreed that this is a matter of utmost importance.

    President Echeverria explained to his Imperial Majesty the efforts that are being carried out in latin american countries so that Panama exerts its sovereign rights on the channel in its territory. His Majesty agreed in the need for a just solution of this question
    With respect to the Middle-East situation, the two Heads of State Considered that to overcome the standstill in the search for appropriate solutions to the conflict, the provisions of Resolutions 242 and 338 of the United Nations Security Council should be complied with. In this context, they deem indispensable the withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, the granting of guarantees for the territorial integrity of all the States in the area and a free and dignified future for the Palestinian people.

    The two Heads of Stated examined the bilateral relations established between the two countries since October 14, 1964, and noted that these have developed in a satisfactory manner. In order to further strengthen and expend their cooperation they decided to instruct their respective Foreign Ministers to take the necessary steps to open an Iranian Embassy in Mexico City and a Mexican Embassy in Teheran in the near future.

    They agreed to initiate a new period of intense co-operation in the cultural, scientific and technological fields between their countries and, therefore, instructed their Foreign Ministers to proceed with the formulation of An agreement on Cultural Exchange and another one on Scientific and Technological Cooperation that would reaffirm the bonds of friendship between the Iranian and Mexican peoples.

    The two Heads of state agreed that a program for immediate implementation, that will include scholarships grants for postgraduate studies, short training and investigation visits; and to exchange of arts, books, popular arts and handicrafts exhibitions should be established.

    Convinced that the expansion of economic cooperation is a factor of prime importance in strengthening closer relations between their countries, the two Heads of State agreed that their Government would take the necessary measures to formalize specific programs for cooperation in the following fields of mutual interest: petroleum, petro chemicals, agriculture and livestock, irrigation, steel industry, paper industry, tourism and hotel management, engineering services, and such other fields as may be deemed appropriate.

    His Imperial Majesty and the President decided that experts of the two countries undertake a detailed study of possibilities for joint investment in both countries, in the following industries: fertilizer, sugar, sponge iron, manufacture of pulp and paper from sugarcane bagasse, glass, ship building, textiles and food processing and packing.

    The two Heads of State agreed upon the need of the establishment of a mechanism for channelling financial resources for the promotion and creation of projects of mutual interest. In this respect, they considered that one way of amortizing such funds might be the exportation of goods and services produced as a result of these investments.

    In view of the outstanding importance of the petroleum industry for both Iran and Mexico, the two Heads of State considered that it would be highly advantageous to begin active cooperation directed at establishing an exchange of petroleum industry technology, experience and information. There was particular agreement on the need to promote joint efforts for the development of a more advanced petroleum industry technology in the areas of explorations, extraction, plant design, and industrialization.

    In order to facilitate financial transactions and increase the flow of financial resources between the two countries and to ensure that payments derived from commercial transactions can be made in an expeditious manner, it was decided that the central Banks of Iran and Mexico begin negotiations for signing a payments agreement.

    The two Heads of State agreed to establish a high-level Iranian-Mexican Government Finance Commission that will study areas in which it may be possible to develop extensive economic and financial cooperation for the promotion of joint programs of mutual interest. In this respect, they decided that the Commission should meet at least once a year and that the first meeting should be held within the next 30 days in Teheran.

    His Imperial Majesty and the President agreed to create a joint Iranian-Mexican commission at Foreign Minister level, in order to review, on a regular basis, the progress achieved in the implementation of decisions taken, and to exchange views on all matters of mutual interest. This commission will meet once a every year, alternatively, in Iran and Mexico.

    His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Aryamehr of Iran expressed to the President of the United Mexican States, Luis Echeverria Alvarez, the great pleasure which he, the Shahbanou and their entourage had taken in the affection, friendship, the hospitable welcome shown them during their stay in Mexico.

    His Imperial Majesty extended an invitation to the President of Mexico to pay a state visit to Iran. President Echeverria accepted this invitation and stated that he would be most pleased to make the visit at a date to be fixed in the near future.

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