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    INTRODUCTION: Papua-New Guinea is set for an election in two months time: the first as an independent nation.

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    CU Sign " You are now entering the Territory of Papua & New Guinea"etc Zoom out MV Reporter standing beside the sign
    37 ft

    MV Native village - various montage shots of the village and villagers - men, women and children
    59 ft

    GV Grass houses
    69 ft

    MCU Children, pan to GV village
    88 ft

    GV Bushland
    93 ft

    CU Warriors or tribesmen past camera
    106 ft

    MV Villagers - several shots of women talking, washing etc
    128 ft

    MV Bushland
    135 ft

    GV Natives stand in sea fishing
    141 ft

    MV Men & fishing boats
    150 ft

    GV Man in boat fishing off beach
    166 ft

    MV Reporter with Mr Langro
    175 ft

    CU Mr Langro
    224 ft

    GV Man in jungle chopping down tree - Various shots
    271 ft

    GV Workmen in jungle
    284 ft

    MV Boy with bike
    287 ft

    GV Villagers and scenes around village
    305 ft

    MV Reporter
    319 ft

    GV Buildings of the camp fence surrounding compound etc Various shots
    394 ft

    GV Troops on parade
    405 ft

    Various CU's of the soldiers
    418 ft

    MV Soldiers on parade Various shots
    449 ft

    GV Villagers sit beneath palms Various shots of village life
    460 ft

    MV Soldiers with guns
    463 ft

    GV Fishermen in sea
    468 ft

    GV Villager walks along road
    473 ft

    MCU Soldiers in formation They march off screen
    506 ft

    TRANSCRIPT: (SEQ. 1) COMM: "Here at the NW extremity of Papua New-Guinea ........ over there is where Indonesia begins..........

    (SEQ. 2): but clustered on the border...there are small villages........an estimated 18,000 Papua New Guineans who live within the border buffer zone

    (SEQ. 3): in the woodland areas at least, the last few years have seen a major break in the traditional lifestyle of these people.

    (SEQ. 4): Trade, which once flourished between villages across the border is now at a standstill....visits to relatives across the border...have slowed to a trickle

    (SEQ. 5): The W.....(?)(Name of tribe) have traditional land rights stretching 12-15 kms across the border

    (SEQ. 6): ...they are no longer allowed to use the land

    (SEQ. 7): across-border visiting has died away because the villagers were frightened.....of the Indonesian Armed Forces

    (SEQ. 8): ...both governments attempt to sort out the border difficulties.....with regular border commi???gs.

    (SEQ. 9): It's particul??? issue in Papua New-Guinea ??? of little more than 2 1/2 million people, rubbing shoulders with a giant that has a pop. of 130 million......

    (SEQ. 12) COMM: "The Member for this border region is Mr Paul Langro, Deputy Opposition leader in the national Parliament.

    (SEQ. 13) COMM: "Naturally they are very, very frightened because in the past the Indonesian soldiers have been crossing the border, chasing the West Irian refugees and so forth.......the border villagers have so much of their land in the other side

    (SEQ. 14): ....during the Dutch administration people were given the freedom of staying on their land......but now because of Indonesian interests.....(rest of sentence obscured by sound of falling tree)...Not only frightened but very very cross

    (SEQ. 15): they are urging their political leaders to do something about it

    (SEQ. 17): At one time or another the Indonesia will be trying to extent its imperialism this way to Papua New-Guinea"

    (SEQ. 18) COMM: "Officially this is called the quarantine station......its been built to house refugees coming across the border from West Irian....

    (SEQ. 19): the only houses ??? are for the police....the last refugees were here about one month ago........several big parties of refugees have been through here, one party was so large that the compound couldn't hold them all.... now they're in various parts of Papua New Guinea, many of them in Port Moresby....

    such crossings could be a potential friction source....??? Natsof

    (SEQ. 20) COMM: "The army of Papua New-Guinea is tiny affair with just 2 battalions

    (SEQ. 21): ...evidence in itself that the national government is confident of the good intentions of Indonesia.

    (SEQ. 22): At this stations on the border at Wanamo (? -phonetic spelling only) there's generally one company and at any one time at least one platoon may be deep in the jungle on border patrols that can last a month or more.

    (SEQ. 23): Despite the real fears held by some people the Prime Minister Mr Somare is convinced the fears are groundless

    (SEQ. 24): He told me 'there's a very good understanding between the Indonesian government and our own' and he added they have nothing to worry about.

    (SEQ. 27): ....Gary Scully, reporting from the border of West Irian and Papua New Guinea for ABC national news."


    Length is 506 seconds or approx. 303 feet
    Film I: Interview with Somare and Langro (This is 3220/1/77)

    Script is copyright Reuters Limited. All rights reserved

    Background: INTRODUCTION: Papua-New Guinea is set for an election in two months time: the first as an independent nation.

    Polling will start on June 18 and finish on July 9. Voting will be on a "first past the post" system instead of the preferential method.

    With no paid advertising allowed on radio, candidates are using posters and cassettes on public transport to get their message across. The Government is relying on a claimed record of fostering development while the Opposition says that in five years the Administration hasn't done enough either in this field or in overseas relations.

    One of the thorny problems is relations with neighbouring Indonesia -- a relationship that Prime Minister Michael Somare says is cordial and cooperative. However, Deputy Opposition Leader Paul Langro isn't so sure -- he feels the government should do more to encourage closer political ties with Papua New Guinea's giant neighbour.

    And on the border with West Irian, Papuan villagers are having to chance their lifestyles because of changing relations between the two countries.

    Indonesia isn't pleased with the number of refugees crossing the border from West Irian and apparently being aided by the ??? settle in towns and villages in the Territory.

    Residents on the border are fearful that Indonesia may retaliate with armed incursions -- and they will be the first to suffer.

    Australian Broadcasting Commission reporter Gary Scully interviewed Mr Somare and Mr Langro on the issues of the forthcoming election -- then visited the troubled border area to see how relations with Indonesia were shaping there.

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