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    Miscellaneous Seas, Atlantic: S Air V Flying over 'Flying Enterprise" after tow rope has broken. GV Flying Enterprise with tug 'Turmoil' & escort, other vessels. SV Flying Enterprise around stern. GV Ship, lit by searchlight, rolling at night. LV Approaching Flying Enterprise & tug, turmoil. Nearer Shot Ditto. GV Rough sea. Shot Turmoil in rough water. GV Enterprise awash. Nearer Shot Ditto - waves pounding over side. CU Looking onto deck of Flying Enterprise.

    SV Pan Debris & junk floating on water. GV Enterprise & debris, waves pounding. GV Seas pounding at keel of Enterprise. SV Ditto. CU Moving into Enterprise showing name on side. CU Enterprise. GV Ditto. Angle Shot Ditto, showing Enterprise lower into water. GV Ditto - lower still. GV Ditto - lower. GV Tugs Turmoil & Desterous. LV Bow of ship sticking out of water. CU Ditto. SCU Screw of tug taking off hats as Enterprise sinks. SV Air & water spouting as Enterprise sinks. GV. Oil patch showing where Enterprise sunk, as tugs move away. SV Approaching hulk of Flying Enterprise as sinking. CU Deck & funnel of Flying Enterprise under water. SCU Men on tug take off hats as Enterprise sinks. SV Enterprise sinking amidst spouting water., spray etc., LV Oil patch &, on water as tugs leave scene of sinking.


    6 GAV's Flying over Flying Enterprise on its side, ships' standing by after tow rope has broken.

    GV Flying Enterprise in rough water, tug standing by after Carlsen & Dancy have left. LV Flying Enterprise lying right over on side. SCU Flying Enterprise being washed by waves. SV Bottom of Flying Enterprise. GV Flying Enterprise nearing end, tug nearby. LV Flying Enterprise low in water. SCU Bottom of Flying Enterprise., showing name on side. SV Flying Enterprise beginning to go down. SCU Flying Enterprise over on side, showing name. LV Flying Enterprise on side, tug in f-g. SV Waves breaking over Flying Enterprise. SV Flying Enterprise lying on side. LV Ditto. SCU Flying Enterprise beginning to go down. SV Ditto, debris floating around. SV Flying Enterprise, tug standing by. LV Flying Enterprise right over on side, figure of man covers picture, then moves out of way. SV Flying Enterprise very low in water. LV Bottom of Flying Enterprise showing above water, gradually sinking. SV Ditto, tug standing by.

    LV Flying Enterprise sinking, only bow showing. SV Pan Oil patch & debris after Flying Enterprise has sunk. Night Shot of Flying Enterprise - (fine grain Blue from Movietone)

    U.S. Navy H.Q., London, England: LV Captain R.S. Smith receiving more information on position of "Flying Enterprise" they both get up from table & walk towards chart on wall.


    SV Int. Captain R.S. Smith & Lt. Cdr. W.J. Larsen & Ens. T.D. Furey, put marker on wall map. CU Marker of map, Pan over map.

    England: British Paramount News SPECIAL LAST HOURS OF FLYING ENTERPRISE. Graphic pictures taken by Paramount Cameramen from airplanes & chartered tugs make dramatic record of tragic end of Flying Enterprise. CAPTAIN CARLSEN'S OWN STORY. HAIL TO A HERO! After 13, days first alone then with Kenneth Dancy, aboard stricken vessel Captain Carlsen lands at Falmouth. Mayor leads civic reception & big crowds give heroic sailor a great welcome. Falmouth, Cornwall, England GV Lighthouse, palm trees blown by very fierce wind. CU Palm trees in wind. GV Captain Carlsen Mr. Dancy, Mayor of Falmouth, Mr. J.T. Morris & relatives onto dais. CU Pan Dancy. Mrs. Carlsen, Capt: Carlsen, sister Grethe & Father. Angle V Pan Cameramen on rostrum, SCU Still photogs. SV Mayor, Morris, brings Captain Carlsen forward & says:-(Nat.sd.) Angle V Captain Parker of Turmoil at mike. SCU Captain Parker speaks:-(Nat.sd.) Angle V Ken Dancy comes to mike. CU Dancy speaks:-(Nat.sd.) GV Newsreel cameras on rostrum Pan to Mayor, Mr. Morris introduces Carlsen. (Silent) CU Captain Carlsen speaks:-(Nat.sd.) Dubbing Shot of SV MR. Carlsen, Snr. Commander Parker & Mayor Morris listening. Union Jack flying. CU Captain Carlsen is asked question answers:-(Nat.sd.) Dubbing shot of Cameramen inserted in speech. SCU Capt: Carlsen concludes:-(Nat.sd.) GTV Carlsen walking thru crowds on way to Library. SCU Ditto. CU Man in crowd waving. Side V Pan Carlsen waving to crowd. GV Pan People on balcony of Library Pan to huge crowd. Big GV Crowd around Library. STV Carlsen leaves Library & is congratulated by spectators. CU Mrs. Dancy, mother of Kenneth Dancy. SCU Pan All relatives of Carlsen & Dancy.


    SV Mayor, Mr. J.T. Morris speaks:- "We are very proud indeed to-day - that it has fallen to the lot of this ancient seaport to welcome into it on their return from the hazards & perils of the sea, this Company of very brave men"

    SCU Captain Parker speaks:- "I thank you very much for this wonderful reception, of course, as you are all aware, this to us is just an ordinary job."

    CU Kenneth Dancy speaks:- "I am afrain I am really too overwhelmed to say very much, but I must express my great admiration for Captain Carlsen & Captain Parker & all hands of the tug Turmoil & of course Commander O'Brien & his crew of the Destroyer Willard Keith."

    CU Captain Carlsen speaks:- "I deeply regret that I was not in a position to bring it back with me. But the odds were heavily against us."

    CU Capt: Carlsen is asked question answers:- Questioner:- "Would you like to describe how you finally left the Flying Enterprise & the conditions just before you left?"

    Answer:- "Just a few minutes before the Flying Enterprise started sinking, I was in radio contact with the tug, Turmoil, & Captain O'Brien of the Destroyer Willard Keith, & it was agreed that a helicopter should take us off from midships. Flying Enterprise starting sinking so fast, that there was not time for a helicopter to arrive, weather was too bad for the Helicopter anyway, so we decided between the two of us, we would make out on the smokestack, which we did, and we jumped from the smokestack, into the sea and swam, & the tug Turmoil, was ready to pick us up, & in less than 9 minutes we were aboard Turmoil."

    SCU Captain Carlsen concludes:- "Once again, your Worship, thanks for the welcome, and I wish to offer my most sincere thanks to all those who were behind me. Thank you." (Applause)


    GTV Coastline at Falmouth, showing cliffs & sea. GV Ships in harbour in Falmouth. LTV Coastline at Falmouth. GV Pan Ships in harbour, bunting in f-g. LV Bunting being put on Town Hall, for reception of Capt: Carlsen. GV Falmouth seen from Pier(?) LV Putting up bunting on Town Hall. SV Ditto. LV Very wet promenade, during gale, bunting flying. LV Looking towards Coast Guard Station. Palm trees blowing in gale. CU Palm trees blowing. GTV Night scene People waiting in Falmouth, on Wed: night after tow-rope had broken. STV Ditto. ROLL 2. SV Int. People onto platform. SV Mayor Morris speaks:-(Nat.sd.) SCU Ditto:-(Nat.sd.) CU Mayor speaking Pan to Captain Carlsen. SV Captain Carlsen standing receiving applause. SCU Capt: Carlsen speaks:-(Nat.sd.)-handshakes with Capt: Parker & Mr. Dancy after thanking them for help. SV Dancy at mike.(Nat.sd.)- thanking Capt: Parker. SCU Captain Parker thanks Falmouth for reception &c:-(Nat.sd.) LV Capt: Parker speaking about picking men up out of water:(Nat.sd.) SCU Danish Naval Attache Commander H. Jegstrop speaks:-(Nat.sd.) & shakes hands with Carlsen on end. ROLL 3. LV Falmouth Library with bunting flying & crowds waiting. SV Men waiting outside. (Naval types?) SV Capt: Carlsen towards thru crowd who try to shake hands. CU Crowd around Carlsen with autograph books, blocking him out. SCU Carlsen & Mayor, J.T. Morris shaking hands. LV Int. Carlsen Dancy, Captain Parker, J. Morris on platform in Library. SV People on platform. SV More people listening. CU Types listening. GV Carlsen speaks. GV Dancy speaking.(Silent)

    Personalities - Miscellaneous; Ships and Boats; Disasters and Accidents; Personalities - Local Government; Ceremonies - Local Government; Self-Reference; Great Britain



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