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    Great documentary about the food production company Erin Foods. c. 1965

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    Erin Foods presentation. Soundtrack missing. L/S of block of flats and modern 1960s housing. High angle shot of a typical High Street. Boots, Sainsbury's (small one) and Woolworth's side by side. Another shot of a High Street with concrete bridge overhead Shop "Victor Value" on the other side of the street. Woman gets out of a Mini with a shopping bag and walks into the "Rosemount Supermarket." Interior of supermarket - panning shot over tops of aisles. Shoppers with baskets and trolleys seen. Camera inside a shopping trolley approaches a woman who has a wire basket over her arm. Zoom into her basket. C/U tilting upwards shot of display of Erin Foods products - Curry of Beef, Prawns in Creole Sauce, Chicken Fricassee etc. Cut to woman walking past display of Erin soups. She looks at various products and chooses two Beef Curry packs. She takes her basket to the checkout. Woman approaches the fruit and vegetable counter. The woman serving pulls out some mushrooms - we see the punnet in C/U. L/S of Irish landscape - camera pans across. C/Us of a crop of peas. Man standing in the pea field tastes some of the crop. C/U of his hands as he picks a pod. He then walks over to his truck which has various testing equipment laid out on the bonnet. He places a handful of peas into a container which then go under a machine which presumably tests pressure or ripeness of peas. C/U of him winding down the prongs and C/U of the gauge. M/S of the man speaking into a walkie-talkie - this is shot from inside the car. Cut to a man with a radio set who seems to respond to his call. L/S of man operating a combine harvester - C/U of the crop being cut. Peas are then sucked up on to a conveyor belt which is pulled by a tractor. L/S of the man who tested the crop with combine and tractor in the background. L/S of Erin Foods truck driving past the camera. Shot of a village street seen from the back of the truck carrying the peas. C/U of truck driver from inside the cab. We see that he is pulling in to a depot. Interior of a weigh station. C/U of large scales. L/S of two story factory or testing laboratory. C/U of peas being poured into a machine. Man watches the results as a gauge moves around. C/U of gauge. L/S of men loading pea pods onto conveyor belts with pitchforks. Closer shot of one of the men at work and C/U of the peas moving up the conveyor belt. High angle shot of the popped peas being moved on a conveyor belt of small troughs.

    Shot of the interior of a large revolving drum - large amount of peas are spun in the drum. C/U of the peas moving around then C/U of peas on a conveyor belt. C/U of female worker's hands picking out peas. L/S of group of women picking out bad peas. Peas roll off the end of a conveyor belt. Various shots of trays of peas being moved around the processing plant. They are slotted into what is presumably a trolley for freezing or cooking the peas. C/U of a bank of gauges. Man presses buttons on a machine. Two men slide a door across then slide trays of peas out of the cooker. Woman tips the tray out into a large holding pan. L/S of man driving a fork lift truck along in a warehouse with barrels of peas stacked three high. C/U of the man driving. L/S of the barrels, camera pans up. L/S of the exterior of the factory. C/U of a shelf of books. Hand takes a book off the shelf and man sits at a table with another man and a woman who are consulting books. Woman takes notes. C/U of liquid being heated in a glass container in a laboratory. M/S of scientist at work, adding something to one of the glass containers in a complex system of tubes and bottles. C/U of the scientist, seen behind his testing equipment. C/U of man's hands as he extracts a sample of liquid from a test tube and then squirts it into a testing machine. C/U of machine which records results - lines are drawn on graph paper. C/U of the man looking at the results. C/U of lobsters laid out on a tray. Man snaps off the claws. M/S man opening the door to a small cooker. He pulls out a tray - difficult to see what is on the tray as cataloguing in negative but possibly prawns. Gauze is placed on top of the tray and it is inserted into another machine. Worker looks at his watch and closes the door. Control is turned to "Freeze dry." Two workers talk and one writes something on a clipboard. M/S two women at work in the test kitchen. They have small saucepans on the hob and one weighs something on scales whilst the other places bowls of test meals on a trolley. These bowls are then placed in booths where women sit and take all spoonfuls of the test meals and taste them - camera pans across to show two women in neighbouring booths - quite bizarre. Over the shoulder shot as woman makes notes about the food she has tasted. C/U of the bowls of food and of the woman putting a spoonful in her mouth. In the laboratory - M/S of scientist testing the foil packaging for the foods. C/Us of him and of his equipment.

    M/S of two women at work selecting something - could be beef (difficult to see as viewing in negative.) C/U of hand placing small piece on a pile. Shot of row of women working on a conveyor belt sorting the foodstuff. C/U of woman's hands as she sorts the meat (?) as it passes her on the conveyor belt. C/U of her face, C/U of the food dropping off conveyor belt at the end. High angle shot of large number of women at work on individual conveyor belts picking out unsuitable pieces. Various shots of conveyor belts and women at work. High angle shot of two men at work weighing something. Woman pushes a trolley towards the man and he tips some foodstuff into the vat. High angle shot of a mixing bowl with dry food being spun around. Mechanised production line with packets for "Barley Beef Soup" being filled with the soup then falling off the production line. M/S and L/S of women packing the soup into boxes. L/S of a fishing boat at sea surrounded by seagulls. C/U of prow of ship with name and number "D.154 Ros Cait." Low angle shot of the sky filled with seagulls. C/U of fisherman pulling on a rope. C/U of the net being pulled on to the boat, net is opened and the catch falls out. C/U of the catch including crabs and prawns. Three men crouch on the deck and sort through the catch. C/U of two men sorting. High angle shot of wooden boxes containing the sorted catch. Boxes read: Clayton, Love & Sons. Life belt reads: Maura - Dublin. C/U of boat's skipper leaning out of the cabin. Seagulls land on the sea. The three men throw Dublin Bay Prawns or Langoustines into the box. C/U of the catch. Back in the processing plant the shelled prawns are dropped onto metal gauze - Scampi I presume. (Being a vegetarian this seafood business is beyond me...) C/U of woman worker's face as she concentrates. C/U of a tray of prawns which she levels out. Man pushes door of oven open, woman pulls out a tray and tips prawns on to conveyor belt. More shots of women working on conveyor belt and of machines which pack the food into foil. C/U of woman's hands as she makes up the boxes for the meals. Foil packet is placed on top of box and two women place foil packet inside box. High angle shot of warehouse where large boxes are stacked and stamped before leaving the factory. C/U of paint being applied through a stencil on to a box reading: London. Another box is shown labelled for New York. Various shots of men at work loading boxes.

    Man pulls down the back door of a van containing Erin Foods boxes. L/Ss of the van driving off from the depot. L/S of the docks. Various shots of the docks. Paperwork is signed. Boxes of food are lifted on ropes and loaded in to a boat. M/S of woman in her kitchen. She is standing by the cooker stirring food in a saucepan. C/U of her opening an Erin Foods packet. She tears open the foil packet and pours the dried mixture into a bowl. She then adds water. Top shot of her at the cooker. She pours Erin Foods mixture into the saucepan. Various C/Us of the woman, the saucepan and the clock on the cooker. C/U of the saucepan as the mixture thickens. C/U of the mixture being poured into a serving dish and taken to the table. Husband and daughter sit at table in the dining room, little boy gets up to the table and father hands him a serviette. C/U of woman serving the food, C/U of daughter smiling, etc. The family eat - various shots.

    Credits: Director-Photography - Martin Rolfe. Script and Commentary - David Williams. Spoken by - Wilfred Thomas. Editing - Charles Chart. Sound Editor - Kenneth Nunn. Executive Producer - Harry Field.

    Note: Erin Foods is the Irish equivalent of Heinz. Soundtrack currently missing for this film. Film was catalogued from the negative on a machine that only views in positive. Therefore some details unclear.

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