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    Musical accompaniment to Russian May Day enormous & impressive parade in Red Square.

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    Moscow, Russia USSR.

    MS. Pan up mass of fluttering flags to steeple with star on top. MS. Flags fluttering. MS. Workers carrying flags and portrait of Generalissimo Joseph Vyssarionovotch Stalin marching along. LS. Towards workers marching carrying portrait of Stalin above their heads. SCU. Two men shaking hands. CU. Head shot of man as he shakes hands. CU. Head shot of woman ditto. CU. Another man ditto. CU. Head shot of man type. Elderly with moustache, spectacles and cloth cap. MS. Crowds in street. SCU. Ditto (2 shots). MS. People marching along, carrying large tableau. SCU. Man and woman walking along. MS. The parade of workers. SCU. Ditto (2 shots). LS. Elevated ditto. CU. and SCU. Girls in parade. CU. Girl in parade. SCU. Large banner being borne along. MS. Girls in parade. LS. Elevated shot parade through crowds (2 shots). LS. Elevated blocks of troops assembled in street. LS. Elevated blocks of troop-filled lorries assembled. MS. Ground shot ditto. SCU. Pan along lined-up troops. CU. Pan up from medals to face of air force officer banner. SCU. 2 air force men. CU. Head shot army officer. CU. Head shot another army officer. SCU. Sailors lined up. SCU. Angle shot army cadets lined up. SCU. Angle shot naval cadets lined up. LS. Elevated, the scene in Red Square with troops lining perimeter. LS. More spectators arrive to join crowd. MS. Three men wearing medals looking on. SCU. Man wearing medal. MS. 2 women wearing medals taking their place in the crowd. MS. Man and woman and two children arriving for the ceremony. CU. Head shot woman spectator. SCU. Pan along 2 women and one man Mongol types in crowd. CU. Head shot elderly Mongol man. MS. Crowd. MS. Pan down building past portraits of Lenin and Stalin to troops lined up in front of it. MS. Joseph Stalin leaving doorway to mount rostrum. Vyacheslav (Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers) Molotov and G M Malenkov seen leaving doorway. Stalin mounts rostrum on Lenin's tomb. LS. Pan over assembled crowds. MS. Crowd clapping. MS. Stalin taking his place on centre of rostrum. CU. Good shot of Stalin raising hand to wave. MS. Pan over applauding crowd. MS. Molotov, Malenkov, Beria and three others on rostrum. LS. Elevated military band heading parade past. CU. Stalin with hand upraised. MS. Soldiers goose-stepping past. MS. Molotov, Beria, Malenkov saluting. Another man stands beside them. LS. Elevated back view blocks of troops in parade. MS. Red Air Force unit marching past. LS. Elevated G.V. of the scene as troops march. MS. Back view naval contingent in parade. MS. Sailors marching past. SCU. People in crowd watching. LMS. Soldiers with rifles on soldiers passing camera. Rostrum with personalities is seen in background. MS. The rostrum with rifles passing in foreground. LS. Shot over tail of 'plane of formation of 'planes flying over. SCU. A pilot at controls of aircraft. LS. 5 'planes in formation flying over twin spires. SCU. Stalin looking up at sky. LS. The scene in Red Square with 'planes flying overhead. MS. 'Planes flying over. MS. 'Planes flying over twin steeples. MS. Crowd. LS. Formations of 'planes flying over steeples. SCU. Woman in crowd holding up small boy. LS. Three fighter 'planes flying overhead. SCU. People looking up at sky. MS. 'Planes flying over. CU. Small boy looking up at sky. LS. 'Planes flying over spires. MS. Crowd. LS. 'Planes. CU. Stalin with hand upraised looking at sky. MS. 'Planes. SCU. High ranking officers chatting. One looks up through binoculars. LS. 'Planes flying over spires. MS. Soldiers goose-stepping past camera, with bayonets outstretched. Rostrum in background. LS. Elevated back view horses in fours drawing howitzer guns along. MS. Generals, heavily laden with medals, watching from rostrum. MS. Lorry loads of troops, preceded by motorcycles, driving past. SCU. Lorry load of troops passing. Troops sitting bolt upright with rifles before them. LS. Over heads of crowd of lorries full of troops passing. SCU. Tanks passing camera. LS. Elevated formation of tanks rumbling past. MS. Lorries full of troops passing. LS. Elevated loaded lorries passing. SCU. Three officials looking on. MS. Three jeeps, carrying troops and flags driving along. MS. Lorries, fitted with rocket projectors, passing. SCU. Stalin and two other officials looking on. MS. Caterpillar tractor vehicles, carrying troops, and drawing field artillery, passing. MS. Caterpillar tractor vehicles mounted with artillery. CU. Two men in crowd. MS. Caterpillar tractor vehicles, mounted with artillery. CU. Two young Air Force officers, laden with medals. MS. Caterpillar track vehicle, drawing trailer mounted with howitzer gun, followed by track vehicles hauling heavy artillery. LS. Tanks passing cheering crowds. SCU. Heavy tanks passing. SCU. Three officials looking on. SCU. Tanks passing. LS. Elevated back shot tanks. SCU. Tanks. MS. Elevated tanks. LMS. Personalities on rostrum. LS. Elevated G.V. scene in Red Square. MS. Civilians with banners and portrait of Stalin parading. CU. Portrait of Stalin surrounded by fluttering banners, as it is carried along. LS. G.V. elevated parade. LMS. Youth waving in parade. MS. Stalin and other personalities waving from rostrum. LMS. Elevated young people waving as they pass. LS. Elevated line of marchers fanning out. LMS. Civilians walking along with symbols. SCU. Stalin waving and smiling. MS. People waving as they pass. MS. Beria, Malenkov and Molotov waving. SCU. Girls waving as they pass. LS. Looking over heads of moving crowd, carrying banners etc. SCU. People waving jubilantly as they pass rostrum (4 shots). CU. Stalin waving and smiling. SCU. Elderly peasant woman waving and smiling. CU. Molotov waving and smiling. MS. Elevated waving women. CU. Woman shading her eyes from sun as she looks up at rostrum. CU. Stalin smiling and saluting. SCU. People waving and clapping (2 shots). MS. Personalities waving from rostrum. MS. Girl head on shoulders waving (2 shots). CU. Stalin waving and wagging his forefinger. MS. Bandsmen, carried on shoulders, waving instruments. CU. Stalin waving and smiling. SCU. Excited young girl telling another to look up. CU. Stalin waving and raising his hat. SCU. Woman waving two arms. SCU. Banner with slogan on being carried along. LS. and LS. Elevated general view of mass effect of people milling along. LS. People watching from bridge. LS. Massed crowd. MS. Men and girls giving a dancing display (2 shots). MS. People clapping with hands above heads. MS. Buildings floodlit at night (2 shots). LS. Massed firework display. MS. People dancing. MS. Group of officers and girl. SCU. Officers and girls dancing. MS. Officer asks girl for a dance. MS. Woman and young cadet dancing. MS. Exterior view of brightly illuminated building. LS. Fireworks. LS. Guns firing salute. LS. G.V. scene at night festivities, with fireworks, searchlights and floodlights. MS. Guns firing. LS. Searchlights by the side of the river. MS. and MS. Illuminated signs on front of building, with stars flashing on and off. MS. Large hammer and sickle emblem on building with letters C.C.C.P. beneath.

    (Mute.Dupe.Neg.) (Not to be used without permission of Soviet Film Agency).

    Note: great footage, very clear, impressive, good shots of a jolly looking Stalin, happy women, with musical accompaniment of rousing band music with cheers to an enormous parade.

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