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    Diary of events in 1932 in the United States of America - Franklin Roosevelt becomes the President.

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    Reel 2.

    Industrial scenes in United States of America (USA).

    L/S Manhattan sky line.

    L/S rocky mountains. Various shots cattle roaming over plains. Various shots horses being rounded up by cowboys. L/S logs on train wagon. Timber going down chute into river. L/S river full of timber. C/U wheat in man's hand. Various shots row of combine harvesters crossing large fields. Various shots miners working in coal mine. Small train towing coal wagons coming out of mine. Various shots Texas oil field. We see oil being pumped out into trains. Various shots of massive factory, visitors arrive outside by bus. Various shots furnace.

    Various L/Ss Manhattan skyline in New York city.

    Various shots crowd on the stock market, people shouting. C/U on the face of the man with glasses bidding. Big business, transformation of the natural resources into wealth on which American people depend. M/S of a man writing the newest stock prices on the blackboard.

    M/S of the crowd in front of the bank. Cut to a face of a John D Rockefeller in a suit. Voice-over concludes: "yes, when and if you know how, you too, can become a millionaire."

    Various shots of building sites and street markets - good New York street scenes. In 1932 power to administer the wealth lagged far behind the ability to produce it.

    L/S of a crowded New York streets where police and ambulance attend to dead and dying - victims of a gang warfare. L/S of a police car with bullet holes and broken back window. People are around the car and a dead body covered with the sheet lies next to it. Cut to the police pushing people back from the crime scene. Closer look at the broken window and the bullet holes on the back of the police car. Reverse to the L/S of the people around the crime scene.

    Vigilantes patrol organise to fight the crime - High angle shot of people carrying guns, walking. Panning shot of a man with the gun, walking. Narrator identifies the prohibition as the origin of gangsterism. C/U on the hands holding a bottle of liquor. L/S of men unloading illegal cargo from the boat. People behind the fence watching the operation.

    Gangsters move to another field - racketeering. M/S of the three men, two younger and one elderly. Elderly man claims that he does not need protection. C/U on the faces of younger men. Cut to M/S of a man pouring paint over a dress hanging on the shop stand.

    In 1932 the bootlegging and crime were triggered by Depression. Various shots of fuming factories. Several shots of the openings of factory gates, workers leaving factory and gates closing. Due to Depression, even those with jobs are often unsatisfied. When their demands are not met, they react by organising strikes and riots.

    Shots of masses of workers demonstrating and the strike-leader speaking are juxtaposed with the shots of the opposite gathering where angry politician proposes drastic measures in fight against communists.

    Various shots displaying the power of the US (United States) army. Line of trucks, cars, troops with guns marching. Army clashes with workers. Various shots depicting riots: gun shots, smoke, fires, stones. In the 1932 in the great industrial centres things did not go too well.

    Things did not go well in the countryside either. Shots of plants and animals suffering from pollutants and paying the price of the industrialisation. Because of the ruthless timber felling and unplanned agriculture, topsoil has been blown away or washed off millions of acres. Shots of dead cattle, deserted land, corn fields dying. Farmers have no choice but to leave the dying land. "They call them 'Oakies', displaced farmers, migrant workers". Several shots of farmers packing up and leaving.

    L/S of the Empire State Building. Cut to M/S of unemployed people sitting on the benches. Nearly one in four of working population is looking for work. L/S of a man stopping people on the streets, asking for job or possibly begging. Exterior of the employment agency. Inside the agency, a crowd asking for work. C/U on the back of the man's head while looking at the board with advertisements.

    Often only a stone's throw from the glamorous skyscrapers live the unemployed. Panning shot from the nice, clean New York buildings to the ghetto of the unemployed. Several shots of the shanty towns of the poor with the skyscrapers in the background.

    "It was about time that somebody from somewhere came and did something." - narrator says.

    Panning shot of the moving car approaching the house. C/U on the face of a man in the car - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, future president of the United States of America. M/S FDR.

    Title reads: "Time to Remember end of Part One".

    Item continues on reel 3 - see separate records.

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