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    Documentary film about the years 1905-1910, a period of technological and political change.

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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 1. Continued

    01:10:08 Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. Lillian Russell poses for camera.

    01:10:22 Man climbs into the back seat of an early car. His chauffeur climbs into the driving seat and the vehicle drives off. Horse drawn fire engine speeding down street.

    01:10:37 Early flight of Wright brothers biplane. (Voiceover says its Kittyhawk)

    01:11:17 Broadway, New York street scenes. Scenes in park.

    01:11:30 Wilbur Wright sits in his plane. It takes off and flies. It makes several passes and then comes in to land. Wilbur and others pose by plane wing.

    01:12:43 The women in the cinema orchestra pit play once more.

    01:12:51 Titles reads: "End of Part One"

    Reel 2.

    01:13:11 Titles read "Edwardian Summer"

    01:13:18 Illuminated sign for Electric Palace cinema. Musicians in orchestra pit of cinema playing instruments. Interior of cinema. A yacht is sailing on the screen. Cut to -

    01:13:31 Yacht at sea. Several sailing vessels at sea. Damaged fishing vessels in harbour - they were attacked by the Russian navy by mistake. Shots of some of the fishermen on board.

    01:14:11 Czar Nicholas II (Tsar) inspects troops. Unidentified military men climb into horse drawn carriage and are driven away. French Corporal having insignia stripped from his uniform (voice over suggests connections to the Dreyfus affair - the film is not of Dreyfus).

    01:15:03 Lord Roberts being greeted by young children. They are waving flags and handkerchiefs. One child has a Union Jack flag. King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra climb into open carriage with another unidentified woman. The carriage drives off. The carriage drives down troop lined road.

    01:15:44 Horse drawn and motor vehicles drive over Westminster Bridge in London. Female musicians playing in orchestra pit in cinema. Scenes from the Gordon Bennett Road Race. Cars drive fast around corner. Car drives to stop, man climbs off to check engine. Racing cars drive round corner. Car stops, co-driver fills engine up with petrol from can which, once empty, he then throws away. More early car racing scenes.

    01:16:49 Early monoplane wheeled out from its covers. Graham White standing by his plane. The German aviator, Gustav Hamel, stands in front of a plane and ties his scarf. Pegoud, the French pilot standing by his plane wearing aviators clothes and a flying helmet. He is strapped into the cockpit. Damaged plane carried across sands (voice over suggests this is the plane of Latham, a British pilot who failed in his attempt to fly across the English Channel). Early plane on the ground with engine going. Early plane takes off. (End of neg reel)

    01:18:04 American President Theodore Roosevelt arriving at air display in open car. (UN 1C(M)). Wright Brothers biplane giving demonstration flight, they fly close to the ground and dive and swoop. Roosevelt watches plane from car. More flying shots. Roosevelt in car discussing something with advisers. Roosevelt gets into plane. Shots of the crowd. More flying shots. President getting out of plane and being congratulated by people on ground.

    01:19:19 Funeral of King Edward VII. Soldiers and sailors pulling gun carriage bearing the coffin. The crown and orb are lying on top of the coffin. The coffin is followed by a whole host of European royalty. Behind the walking royals is a closed carriage which the voice over suggests is carrying Queen Alexandra.

    01:20:31 King George V and Queen Mary in open coach. A large bouquet of flowers is handed to Queen Mary.

    01:20:45 Suffragettes parade down street. Crowds watch from the pavements. Different angle of marchers. Women carrying banner which reads 'National Federation of Women Workers'. They walk down a street. Workers in streets calling for better hours. Mounted policemen move them on.

    01:21:23 Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria in Bosnia. Franz Joseph meets officers. The Emperor climbs into open carriage. The coach is driven off.

    01:21:38 Coronation procession of King George V. The carriage is pulled through the decorated streets of London. Horse drawn fire engine races through the crowd lined streets near Trafalgar Square. The State Coach continues on its journey.

    01:22:07 Female musicians playing in the orchestra pit of cinema. More coronation scenes. People in the foreground are waving their hats and scarves. C/U women musicians, the drummer turns page.

    01:22:24 Napier Car breaks down - comedy film clip. Old Napier car with a black (actually blacked up) chauffeur driving a white couple; stops on a country road; all 3 get out and run around frantically. The 2 men both try to work on the motor. They fight; white man (of course) knocks black man down; gets in driver's seat himself. They drive off without him. (ON 189K).

    01:23:07 The Fatal Sneeze - comedy film clip. Boy pour sneezing powder on old mans handkerchief while the man sleeps, the old man gets up dresses blows his nose and starts sneezing. His sneezes wreck the bedroom and in the street he wrecks shops and houses with his sneezing which causes an ever increasing number of people to chase him. (UN 1B(G)).

    01:24:15 The Runaway Skater - comedy film clip. Man on roller skates spins round and round spinning a woman on a laundry basket. He appears to have some motorised contraption attached to the skates which he cannot control. The woman on the basket is laughing. The skater spins off and goes through the wall. The shot cuts to the outside of the house. The women look out of the whole in the wall left by the skater. They run after him. The skater continues his journey down the middle of a road. The women chase him. He skates effortlessly up a steep hill. He knocks over a policeman, who joins the women in the chase. He runs into a lamp post and then runs into a postbox just as the postman is emptying the letters. The postie joins the chase. The skater drops the postbox and skates through a river. The skater runs into a barrow which he drags along beside him. The chasers are carrying a lamppost which they proceed to fall over. They pick themselves up and begin run after the skater again. The chasers knock on a door and shout for the man to come out. A man from next door comes out and sprays them with water from a hose. The skater drops down to the street and gets sprayed as well.

    01:25:24 Women musicians playing in orchestra pit in cinema. The pianist drinks from a cup of tea while playing with her spare hand. Illuminated sign for the 'Electric Palace' cinema.

    01:25:36 End Credits.
    Time to Remember - Written and Produced by Peter Baylis, Associate Producer Lionel Hoare, Film research from the Associated British Pathe Library Harry Wynder Charles Chart, Recorded by George Newberry, Executive Producer Terry Ashwood.

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